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Give The Best of The Best

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Impress the meat lovers in your life with the gift of Meatworks. All of Meatworks beef is quality USDA Prime grade and great-tasting for even the most discriminating palates. Meatworks delivers the best of the best.

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Ultimate Prime Box


Ribeye SteakQTY: 3

T-Bone SteakQTY: 3

NY Strip SteakQTY: 3

Filet Mignon SteakQTY: 3

Prime Ribeye Box


Ribeye SteakQTY: 12

Steak Lovers


Ribeye SteakQTY: 2

T-Bone SteakQTY: 2

NY Strip SteakQTY: 2

Filet Mignon SteakQTY: 2

Top Sirloin SteakQTY: 2

Prime T-Bone Box


T-Bone SteakQTY: 8

Prime Filet Mignon Box


Filet Mignon SteakQTY: 8

Prime NY Strip Box


NY Strip SteakQTY: 12

Build Your Own


Build your own box and select only the cuts you want. Just want steaks? Or do you need to stock up on some chicken too? The sky’s the limit. Our Custom Box has unbeatable value with lots of different cuts to choose from.

Build Your Own - No Steaks


Build your own box and select only the cuts you want. Our value Build Your Own Box is just like our Classic Build Your Own without our premium steak options. It's a great way to try Meatworks!

Grill Master


NY Strip SteakQTY: 2

Top Sirloin SteakQTY: 4

Ground Beef PattiesQTY: 8

Ground Beef PattiesQTY: 6

Butcher's Choice


Ribeye SteakQTY: 2

Chuck RoastQTY: 1

Ground Beef 75/25QTY: 3

Fajita Steak StripsQTY: 2

Burger Lovers


Ground Beef PattiesQTY: 8

Ground Beef PattiesQTY: 4

Ground Beef 85/15QTY: 3

Ground Beef 75/25QTY: 3

Game Day Box


Ribeye SteakQTY: 2

BaconQTY: 1

Chicken ThighsQTY: 2

Ground Beef PattiesQTY: 4

Ground Beef PattiesQTY: 8

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Get both the convenience and luxury and save an average of $140 - $340 with Meatworks.

“This box is well worth the money. Every cut is so good and the filet Mignon is the best I’ve ever had . My husband is so picky with his food but he told me I’m not allowed to stop this box.”
Jessica J.


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If you're on the fence, see what others are saying

“We have eaten a couple sirloins and ground beef and they tasted great! Everything arrived still frozen with dry ice to spare, earlier than expected. So far, so good.”

- Nadia B.


“We signed up for the 8 week plan and it’s perfect for just the 2 of us. The individual packaging is great because we just pull out what we want each time from the freezer.”

- Alicia T.


“The meat is really tasty and the ribeyes were killer. Definitely worth the $$$.”

- Christian R.


The Meatworks Guarantee

If you don't love your box, drop us a line.
We always make it right.

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What is USDA Prime Beef?

The most coveted grade of USDA Prime is reserved for the very best beef - only the top 3% of U.S. beef qualifies. Our in-house butchers trim every cut to perfection. You can expect tender, top-quality beef at a price lower than your local butcher, grocery store or favorite steakhouse.

One-Pound Pledge

We founded Meatworks on a certain set of values. At the cornerstone of those values is giving back to the communities we serve. That’s why we started the Meatworks One-Pound Pledge.

Unparalleled Value

Meatworks delivers hard-to-find, exclusive, USDA Prime-Grade beef directly to your door. Since we hand-butcher everything in-house, you pay less at Meatworks than at steakhouses and online retailers.